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Superior Driving Academy Policy and Contract

1. All appointments are considered as binding. Student is obligated to pay fees for classes and or behind the wheel (BTW) as stated in this contract. Minimum of $250.00 due before getting blue card, paid in full on 1st BTW, any payments made after 1st BTW MUST be cash or moneyorder.

2. There will be a $10.00 charge for replacement of blue or white card or drivers manual.

3. Contract may be cancelled at any time by student with notice in writing.

4. In the event of student cancellation of BTW or no show, there will be a $50.00 charge unless 24 hour notice is given. Any changes to lessons scheduled for Saturday, Sunday or Monday must be made BEFORE NOON the Friday before.
5. Student must have permit with them for BTW or be charged $50.00 for no show.

6. There will be a $50.00 charge for returned checks. NO OUT OF STATE CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED.

7. Lessons could be BACK TO BACK. Students may be brought to drop-off point by another student LATER than lesson end time. Each student will receive full driving time. Lessons are one-on-one except for pick up or drop off of another student.

8. CONTRACT AND PRICES ARE GOOD FOR ONE YEAR FROM DATE OF CONTRACT. AFTER ONE YEAR, REMAINING HOURS WILL BE GIVEN AT CURRENT PRICES. There will be no refunds after a first lesson is taken, or after 1 year, this includes classroom and BTW.


9.  During a pandemic, by attending class or behind the wheel you acknowledge an increased risk to exposure and you knowingly and voluntarily waive your right to hold Superior Driving Academy liable for harm or damages caused by this increased risk.

10. This contract is valid until student turns 18, then remaining hours will be given at current adult prices. After 18 there are no refunds. This is the full agreement between Superior Driving Academy and Student, no verbal agreement is recognized.

Superior Driving Academy agrees to give (students name) __________________________ the following:


_____ hours of classroom training  _____ hours of behind-the-wheel training.

Total Fee: ______________________ Amount Paid: __________________________

I have read and understand the above Superior Driving Academy policy,

Student Signature: _____________________________________________________________

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