Students under age 18 are required by the State of MN to complete 50 hours of driving with parents (15 hours must be at night), and 6 hours with an instructor.

All driving hours will need to be logged and shown at the time the student takes the road test. There will be 2 options:

1st: There will need to be 40 hours of driving logged 15 hours have to be at night, and parents have to take a parent class.

2nd: There will need to be 50 hours of driving logged 15 hours have to be at night, but there will be no parent class required.

Once you have received your permit, you can call the office (253-3300) to schedule your behind-the-wheel lessons. Please call 4-6 weeks before you want to start, as instructors are generally scheduled a month out. These lessons are divided into three 2 hour lessons. Because of Covid we are having all lessons be a pick up and drop off at the classroom in Sauk Rapids.

Students are more successful if they have had several hours of driving time before their first behind-the-wheel lesson and between each lesson to practice learned skills.

Each lesson is tailored to each student's needs. We concentrate on observant, defensive driving, turns, intersections, contol of the car, and parking. We also work on one-way streets, highway and freeway driving. We practice driving in a variety of settings: residential neighborhoods, urban settings, rural roads, highways, freeways, university campus areas, busy parking lots, etc.

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