Classroom Instruction


We ask that if you are not feeling well, or you are quarentining, that you do not attend class, even if you are not showing any symptoms.  This puts the instructors and other students at great risk.  

To join our class, pre-registration is NOT required. Students may start any day of class. Arrive 10-15 minutes early, fill out our registration form, make a down-payment of $100.00, bring a pencil or pen, and you are on your way to learning about safe driving and MN driving laws!

Evening classes are 6pm - 9pm (school year)  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Morning classes are Monday through Friday 9am - 12pm  Monday and Tuesday 6pm-9pm (summer only) 

Only 1 class can be taken per day

The State of MN requires students to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction. We have divided these hours into 10 classes, numbered 1 through 10. Students should attend each of the classes, but order of attendance is not important.

Please arrive on time. We cannot give partial credit or allow half-days. If students are more than 10 minutes late, credit for attendance will not be earned for that day.

Students are training for an adult activity and are expected to act like adults in this class. Students are expected to listen to lectures and videos, and show respect for the instructor and other students. Inappropriate behavior can result in a loss of credit for that day or dismissal from the program.

During class we study the MN driver's manual, complete worksheets, discuss driving topics, view videos, play games, and complete assignments.

Day 1: Signs and Signals

Day 2: The Basics, Licenses

Day 3: Responsible Choices, Chemical Use & Driving

Day 4: Interacting with Traffic, School bus safety, Organ Donation

Day 5: Traffic Laws, Freeways, Insurance, Crashes

Day 6: Basic Maneuvers, Intersections

Day 7: Driving Environments, Seatbelts, Road Rage

Day 8: Adverse and Emergency Situations

Day 9: Equipment and Maintenence

Day 10: Driving Rules, Commercial Vehicles,  State Testing Procedures

Completing Classroom Instruction:

To complete the class and receive your blue card you will:

---Complete Registration Form (parent & student signatures required)

---Attend all 10 days (30 hours are required by the State of MN)

---Complete homework assignments 

---At least $205.00 paid toward the total tuition.

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