Homework Assignments

 Assignments ( due on your 7th day of class):

#1: Collect 5 articles/stories about driving from newspapers, magazines, or Internet. Write a summary for each article including what you can learn to make you a better driver. Hand in the articles with the summaries.

You may complete an alternative project in place of #1. You are allowed to be creative! Your project should teach or demonstrate driving laws or driving safety. This project will be shared with your classmates and will be graded according to the amount and quality of information demonstrated. (examples: posters, models, stories, poems, songs, a personal obituary, skits, presentations, etc.)

#2: Observe other drivers and list 10 different common mistakes. Include who made the mistake and what could or did happen as a result of the mistake.

These are due by your 7th day of class.

Practice Finals:

These are to be completed on your own, the questions are based on the information that you have gotten over the last 2 days of class. These are great practice for the state knowledge (permit) test.

Final Quiz:

This is a 40 question quiz to be taken on your last day of class. If you do well on this final quiz, you will almost certainly do well on the state knowledge test!

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